Meet the team

Travis Skindzier
Travis Skindzier Founder & CEO

Travis has been President and founder of LifeBuzz since it’s inception in February of 2014.

Not only is Travis the head of operations at LifeBuzz, he is also a prolific developer himself, and single-handedly programmed the entire original LifeBuzz infrastructure to support extremely high traffic volume, as well as implemented a rock-solid editorial process which allows content creators to deliver high-quality content with blazing efficiency.

Before this time, Travis assisted brands like Ferrari, Victoria’s Secret, BMW, and MGM Grand in building scalable online infrastructures and brand presence.

Travis is a rare breed of high-level programmer, conversion analyst, and visionary entrepreneur. A graduate of the University of Michigan, Travis is a perpetual world traveler, having covered the entire globe from Europe to the South Pacific all before the age of 25.

And although he possesses Matrix-like capabilities with coding, these skills still pale in comparison to his ability to create world-class, iron skillet breakfast tacos everyday.

Yes, he eats them everyday. Always.

Chad Hamzeh
Chad Hamzeh Co-Founder & CMO

Chad is Chief Marketing Officer, head of traffic acquisition, and also co-founder of LifeBuzz.

Chad’s experience lies in traffic and revenue generation, and has been generating high volumes of online traffic since 2009. He’s responsible for generating millions of visitors per month for LifeBuzz, and assisting in viral engineering of traffic.

Originally from Calgary, Canada, Chad moved to California in May of 2014 to escape the blistering cold Canadian winters, and to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the highest level he could find in North America.

After losing his bid to become mayor of Calgary when he was 21, Chad went on to become a professional fighter and business analyst, because both were pretty linear paths out of politics. It made sense at the time.

A serial adventurer, Chad formerly lived in Thailand and fought in mixed martial arts and Muay Thai professionally for several years, and currently owns and operates three successful startups including LifeBuzz.

His favorite memory of Thailand was getting stitched up on a picnic table by a sketchy doctor trying to save on thread and painkillers. Good times.

Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown Editor-in-Chief

A rare survivor of growing up in the South during the 70’s, Lisa is head of publishing at LifeBuzz. She is the fuel of our content creation engine, and much of the voice of LifeBuzz is due to Lisa's limitless ingenuity.

Her ability to find engaging content for our demographic has allowed LifeBuzz to grow at a rapid pace.

A multi-faceted woman, Lisa is a raw food chef, and practices daily meditation and Bikram yoga.

But, make no mistake… Lisa is cut from the toughest of cloths. As a single mother, she claims her best achievement to date has been raising her son.

She has finished 3 marathons, and 10 half-marathons. She’s survived two hurricanes, two tornadoes, and a tsunami.

Lisa eats fire and spits smoke. She can pick a banana from an apple tree. She’s so tough, she rides to work on a stationary bike.

Eric Rogers
Eric Rogers Yield Manager

It’s believed that Facebook is the greatest thing to come out of Palo Alto… and that would be true, in an alternate universe where Eric wasn’t born.

But, unfortunately for Zuck and crew, Eric is real.

Eric is Yield Manager at LifeBuzz. He manages all ad placements and is head of advertising operations at LifeBuzz. He is ruthlessly efficient, and efficiently ruthless.

At Eric’s first web job in 1997, he discovered that he was master of his own domain, when the VP of the company walked off the job and they had no one to answer the phone. Eric stepped up, and took the role. He’s that kind of guy. Working 28 hours a day, he bends time and manages a team of yield managers to one single objective… maintain a strong user experience, while keeping ad placements profitable. He finds the perfect balance, and it's touch to achieve.

Eric and his team do it 24/7. They breathe RPM’s. They chew up CPM’s.

Eric is a rider. Literally, Eric rides motorcycles.

He loves Bon Jovi and Born to Be Wild.

He’s so dangerous he opened a live music venue in the most dangerous country on earth, in Honduras.

That’s Eric.

Someone who will walk into the fire and have a picnic with the Devil. Then steal his girlfriend. And leave $18 in loose change, for the trouble.

Keith Gleiss
Keith Gleiss Director of Social Media

There is Keith… nestled against a mighty oak tree on his forty-acre estate, surrounded by ponds and hardwoods, the faint aroma of blueberry bushes in the air.

Keith is the director of all things social at LifeBuzz. Keith has substantial experience in operating his own businesses, and was an accountant for a long period of time in his previous life.

Bringing this attention to detail to something far more interesting than numbers, Keith now is the one who makes sure everything is running smoothly on all of LifeBuzz's social properties.

Having lived through and survived the 60’s and 70’s, Keith is the “greyest” of the LifeBuzz crew, but basically this means his life experience wouldn’t fit on this page with infinite scroll, and he’s the most interesting man in the world.

Keith is a diver. Father. Pickle ball player.

He can program in Fortran, still to this day.

For some reason.

Darren Mclean
Darren Mclean Director of Creative Services

Darren says that he was born in “the Highlands of Scotland”, so we can only assume that he was found and raised by a pack of red squirrels, naked no doubt.

Darren is Senior Director of Creative Services, and also writes most of the headlines at LifeBuzz. Yes, when you see a headline on one of our stories that really intrigues you and makes you click, that’s Darrens’ work.

When he’s not riding horseback, fighting for Scotlands freedom, Darren enjoys giving inspired TED style-talks about vampire mythology to sold out crowds.

Yes, this is real life.

After his first talk he became kind of a big deal in the vampire community. He didn’t even know there was a Vampire Community.

Neither did we.

Other than that, Darren is completely normal like the rest of us. I mean, like the rest of us, he’s one of only a handful of non-Roman Catholic clergy to have graduated from the Vatican’s world famous School of Exorcism.